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Kim Kelly The College App Advisor

I welcome you to The College App Advisor site.  As a CACREP-accedited School Counselor and certified Teacher, I know firsthand that the college application process can be a very overwhelming experience for applicants and their families.  When selecting an Advisor, ensure that you are working with someone who thoroughly understands applications, requirements, supplemental materials, options, and all aspects of applying to 4-year colleges and universities. 


I have dedicated my entire career to the field of Education.  Prior to earning a Master of Arts in School Counseling degree with Magna Cum Laude distinction in 2002, I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree to begin my career in Education.  I have 22 years experience as a School Counselor. Throughout the years, I have received numerous accolades, including the New Jersey Educational Services Professional of the Year under the Governor's Educator of the Year recognition program.  

My team and I provide a hands-on, organized, and detail-oriented approach to college applications. We firmly believe that applicants should be well-informed, involved, and supported.​ This method of advisement has enabled us the opportunity to utilize our education, expertise, and connections to guide and assist applicants.

The college application process is lengthy and requires diligence and knowledge. Through our advisement, we assist in the following areas:

  • explaining the college application process

  • assisting with organization

  • guiding college and university research

  • developing the list of schools of interest

  • deciding on the best application to utilize

  • working closely with applicants while completing applications

  • matching Naviance with applications

  • advising on the process of obtaining letters of recommendation and supplemental materials

  • writing a personalized letter of recommendation

  • offering essay review

  • finalizing and submitting applications

  • completing and submitting the SRAR

  • setting up college and university application status portals

  • familiarizing applicants and families with financial aid (FAFSA form)

  • providing scholarship opportunity resources  

  • reviewing additional requests and requirements

  • completing post-application tasks

  • submitting mid-year grades

  • tracking college and university decisions

  • discussing college acceptances

  • enrolling after making the decision

  • sending final transcripts

  • preparing for college

I welcome you to schedule a FREE virtual consultation with me to discuss your goals and how The College App Advisor can assist throughout the entire college application process.

Kim Kelly


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