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Why Choose Us?

Knowledge is power!  We are more than the typical college app advisor.  We are CACREP-accredited High School Counselors and certified Teachers!

Unlike the vast majority of advisors, we hold professional certification and accreditation to work with students and college applicants.
Our education, experience, success and relationship with colleges and universities make us the premier Advisor to assist applicants and families throughout the college application process.
counselor education college


We are Master's Degree level CACREP-accredited School Counselors and certified Teachers
school counselor college


We are High School Counselors with first-hand knowledge of the college application process
college admissions success


We have assisted a multitude of applicants with college applications and our advisement has resulted in admissions throughout the country
college application experience


We have decades of experience in the field of School Counseling and Education with specialization in the college application process
college connection admissions


As High School Counselors, we maintain a close connection with universities and colleges and receive updates and opportunity offerings prior to the majority of advisors outside of the high school setting
college professional development

Professional Development

We continually seek out opportunities that advance our profession and benefit college applicants through professional development, university workshops and visits, and School Counselor-specific college information sessions and notifications
knowledge experience education couselor advisor college


As High School Counselors, we know what universities and colleges desire in an applicant and the skills and knowledge required to be a successful candidate
bridge to success college

Bridge to Success

We work directly in the industry that educates, guides, and prepares students for college
dedicated student college high school


We have dedicated our career to helping students succeed academically, professionally, socially, and emotionally
counselor college collaboration


We work collaboratively with county High School Counselors to share resources and seek out opportunities for college applicants

Proof in Print

Department of Education

"School counselors play an influential role in helping students gain the knowledge, insight, awareness, college and career readiness, and the confidence needed to achieve personal and professional success after graduation."

Harvard University

"The Admissions Committee considers school counselors as invaluable colleagues and partners in the college selection and application process."

Princeton University

"School counselors play a critical role in the development and decision-making process for students. With your help, we can identify students who can thrive in and contribute to the Princeton community in a myriad of ways."

Brown University

"The Office of College Admissions recognizes the critical role counselors play in supporting their students and values our partnership at each point in the admission process."

Columbia University

"School counselors play an integral role in the college application process.  As the college application season gains momentum, we recognize and commend all that counselors and high school educators do to serve their students."

Cornell University

"We appreciate the partnership and support of our counseling colleagues in the US and around the world in engaging and advising students interested in the living and learning communities, opportunities, and experiences at this extraordinary university."

Dartmouth College

"You (school counselors) are important partners in helping to guide students through the complicated college search and application process."

University of Pennsylvania

"Working closely with you (school counselors), our goal is to identify students most likely to thrive in and contribute to the Penn community. We aim to be a helpful presence in your communities throughout the year and look forward to a strong partnership and shared engagement."

Yale University

"Thank you (school counselors) for supporting your students on their journey to college.  Educators like you who encourage students from all backgrounds to consider Yale help assemble exceptional first-year students."

George Mason University

"We appreciate your (school counselors) hard work and dedication to ensuring that your students succeed in getting into college.  We want to partner with you in the application process to help your students join Mason Nation."

Duke University

"We know that guiding students through the college selection process while also catering to individual academic interests can be a juggling act.  We are always willing to assist high school counselors with the college admissions process."

Georgetown University

"Georgetown's Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to work in partnership with high school college counselors throughout the year."


"School counselors are highly trained and support students in many ways in addition to guiding them to college.  School counselors make a positive impact in the lives of their students."

Johns Hopkins University

"We partner with high school counselors and educators as they prepare students for college."

Penn State University

"School counselors play an important role in the application process."

College Board

"When it's time to fill out college applications, your school counselor plays a central part."

Common App

"You (school counselors) make futures possible.  Your voice is critical to lowering barriers to access and improving the lives of millions of students."


"Counselors play an important role in helping students think about their futures and prepare their college applications."

U.S. News & World Report

"With access to information about scholarships, financial aid, application deadlines and requirements, school counselors can alert students to opportunities and help them stay organized while they complete their college applications."

Education Week

"We have long known that school counselors can play a pivotal role in helping students apply for college."

Coalition for College

"School counselors play a critical role in encouraging, inspiring and supporting students on the path to college."

Colleges of Distinction

"One of the most important people to know throughout your high school career will be your school counselor."

ASVAB Career Exploration Program

"A student's school counselor is the ultimate college and career planning resource.  Because of their vast experience, counselors are familiar with many more colleges and career paths."

Best Value Schools

"School Counselors not only help students make better-informed college selection choices, but also help ensure that students have the best level of insight into how to mentally and academically prepare for their college careers."

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