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Affordable Advisement

College application advising can be costly.  


Most advising agencies are led by profit. 


We are guided by our profession -

a desire to help those in

need of assistance.  

As CACREP-accredited High School Counselors and certified Teachers, our daily role is to guide, educate, assist, and support applicants and families.  We have first-hand knowledge of life stressors that can impede the academic success of our students.  Many times, the cost of applying to college limits the number of applications that an applicant will submit.

The College App Advisor offers very competitive advisement options, many of which are half the cost of other advisors.  Though our rates are lower than competitors, this does not indicate a decrease in dedication and performance.  In fact, it fuels our determination that is highlighted by a wealth of knowledge, experience, and daily interactions with applicants and universities across the nation.

Our success rate is solid proof that our advisement guides applicants toward college admission.  Our education, profession, and decades of experience trump our competitors.  

Book a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation to discuss our affordable advisement options and how we can assist throughout the college application process.

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